Our Post Suite


Hardware: Our main A/V Production/Post/Editing Suite consists of a pair of Windows based units equipped with quad-core Intel processors. Additional system highlights include:

  • Three 24″ WUXGA (widescreen ultra extended graphic array) monitors – 1920×1200,
  • a networked 1080p 60″ HD monitor for group screening of works in progress,
  • an expandable multi-terabyte NAS with cloud server, and
  • a 1.5 kva uninterruptible power source and a separate isolation transformer.
  • The specifications of this system is equal to or exceeding that of a mission critical system.

Software: We are constantly on the look out for the best DAW and NLE software suites, plug-ins, etc. to accomplish the many tasks we are faced with. If you can think of it, we probably use it or have used it and moved on to something better. We often find it necessary to use several competing and seemingly similar products on a single project. In short, we use everything from very sophisticated audio sequencers to a 3-D composite and graphic automation system for Pixar style animating, which makes Photoshop look like an “etch-a-sketch”. That’s not to bad mouth Adobe, because we use virtually all of their products too.