With Clients: We strive to exceed all client’s expectations by delivering a superior product on time at a price point well below our competitors. You will also notice there are a very limited amount of videos of our clients on this site. To state it as simple as possible, having outdated and/or unwanted material randomly circulating on the internet is potentially a huge problem. To combat this on our end, we have a very strict confidentiality ethic which prevents us from even asking permission to post our client’s media on our web site. This same courtesy will be extended to you.

Internally: For in house projects, our goal is to create good entertainment without guns. I personally don’t find being shot, maimed and killed to be particularly entertaining. Without sounding too preachy, I think society has become overly desensitized to extreme violent acts and I’d like to be able to create entertainment that stimulates the mind without all of the blood and gore. I think we’re all being led down the wrong path when movies and TV shows depicting sex, which creates life, is considered taboo. While at the same time, people being gunned down and slaughtered by the dozens is glorified on prime time TV and at theaters.