Video and Film Experience: I excel in communicating with as well as directing and/or managing people. I am also quite the technophobe and have a great deal of knowledge about the technical aspects of producing quality video, including a mastery of lighting, sound and post production issues.

Our Principal at Work
First Capricorn’s Principal at Work
We have a number of years experience in Television, Film and Video Production. My various roles have ranged from fetching coffee to directing and every possible job in between. Some of the more significant roles on various TV shows and Live Productions have been Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Assistant Producer, Production Manager, Videographer, Editor, Gaffer, and Set Design and Construction.

I have over 15 years experience working with a multiple Emmy award winning veteran TV Producer and have learned the value of being detailed oriented in any production no matter how big or how small.

My credits include significant work on 3 seasons of a broadcast television news magazine show similar to 60-minutes, several TV pilots and several live productions. Additionally, I have written an original feature-length screenplay intended for large screen motion picture release and I have a few more in the works.

By: Darryl Glover, Principal