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Please be specific with your inquiry and allow 1-3 business days for a response.
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Please be specific with your inquiry and allow 1-3 business days for a response.



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Content Specs

Download Videos
Our download videos are h.264 of the MP4 variety rendered at 1920×1080 Progressive, 24fps, 15 Mbps with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.000 using the Sony AVC codec. Audio is 32 bit at 320 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, AAC.

Cloud Videos
Our cloud videos are equivalent to Youtube HD specifications. If your devices will play Youtube videos, then they will play ours.

Hardware Reqs.

Each Digital Kiosk consists of a digital media player and a display or TV. You may be able to convert your existing flat screen TV’s into Digital Kiosks as long as they have an open HDMI input. To complete the conversion you will likely need to add media players to each existing TV.

Recommended Media Players
Asus Chromebit mobile computer: Product Info | User Manual | Purchase: Amazon | B&H | Google Express

These 12-cm long (4.7-in.) digital media players are actually fully functional Chromebook computers with a main quad-core processor plus a quad-core GPU, 2GB of memory 16GB of internal storage and come optimized for HD video playback. This will insure your HD media plays seamlessly and your wireless bandwidth is not under constant duress.

In addition to the media player, you may also need to acquire a Chrome Enterprise Console license and/or other Google license for each device to operate your Chrome mobile computers in kiosk mode. A perpetual education license costs about $30-50 each (one time fee and transferrable), depending on whether or not you get it directly from Google or from one of their authorized partners. Oddly, the partners generally have better pricing. Pricing for non-education locations are somewhat higher.

A keyboard and mouse will be required for setup and troubleshooting. Please see the Mobile Keyboards tab for details.

If your Wifi is not up to par, you may consider using a Google Chromebox as your media player. These devices have a Ethernet connection built-in. Even though these device have hard-wired reliability, they are more expensive than the Chromebit mobile computers and the expense of running Ethernet cable to each device / screen along with the other associated costs however, may make this option not very cost effective. A much better use of funds would be to upgrade the Wifi in your facility. FYI, Chromebooks; Chromebox and Chromebit are all basically the same device in different form factors and configurations. The Chromebit is by far the best choice for a digital signage application.

Recommended Kiosk Displays – Standalone or Networked
Samsung DC Series 32-inch to 55-inch: Product Info | User Manual | Purchase: 55″ from B&H | 32″ from B&H

These commercial grade displays are engineered to operate 16 hours a day/7 days a week and include a 3-year on-site warranty from the manufacturer.

Mobile Keyboards

The Chromebit Mobile Computers require a keyboard and mouse (USB or Bluetooth) for initial setup as well as troubleshooting. Once the unit is placed in Kiosk mode, the unit can be managed from a remote console. The connected keyboard and mouse can then be removed and may not be needed again unless troubleshooting is required beyond the capability of the remote console connection.

The Chromebit Mobile Computer only comes with one USB port, therefore, a USB hub will be required to connect two or more cabled/tethered devices such as a standard keyboard and mouse. Depending on the keyboard and mouse used, such as backlit devices, a powered hub may be required. Some wireless USB keyboard/mouse units may also require a powered USB hub to accommodate the power draw of the wireless receiver.

Some Bluetooth wireless USB keyboard/mouse units may require a powered USB hub to accommodate the power draw of the wireless receiver.

If your situation requires using a USB hub, the mobile computer manufacturer recommends using a powered one. Detailed instructions from the manufacturer are here.

Recommended Devices
Everytime you buy a desktop computer, they usually come with a keyboard and mouse with USB cabled connections. You probably have one or two in a closet somewhere. If this is the case, you probably just need to get a standard USB hub. You could also just unplug (borrow) these device from any of your existing desktop computers and return them when you’re finished setting up your mobile computer(s).

Standard USB Hub (Non-powered)
Xcellon 4-Port USB 3.1 Hub | Purchase: B&H
Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub | Purchase: Amazon

Powered USB Hub
None Recommended

Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse Combination
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo | Purchase: B&H | Amazon

Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse
None Recommended


Display Mfrs.

Support Pages for Common Display Manufacturers

Acer: Support Home
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Asus: Support Home
BenQ: Support Home
Dell: Monitor Manuals
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LG Electronics: TV Support
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