All Access Store


An All Access subscription give you complete access to either all of our Business or Educational content depending on which service is purchased. Once enrolled in this program you will have the ability to copy and paste URL’s for each content file into your media playlist(s). You will also have the ability to download any and all content from our stores. Pricing for this service is Tiered according to the table below. By purchasing and downloading, buyer agrees to our Terms of Service.

Subscription License fees are to be prepaid. These Fees allow your organization usage of our library of content and is based on the total number of Displays / Screens / Digital Kiosks in your network, which will determine what Tier Level your contract will be. Our fees DO NOT include any costs to purchase Media Players, Screens, Kiosks, Displays or fees for Google licensing, third-party apps, etc. that may be payable to others.

Tier Level No. of Screens Business Educational Renew
Tier 1 1-5 Annual
Tier 2 6-100 $208 – $833 Per Month $125 – $500 Per Month Monthly
Tier 3 101-200 $1,200 – $1,583 Per Month
< $9.90/mo./screen
$583 – $750 Per Month
< $5.78/mo./screen
Tier 4 > 200 $1,667 Per Month
< $8.29/mo./screen
$792 – 1,000 Per Month
< $3.94/mo./screen
14 Day All Access Trial Subscription
Notes (Please read and understand them all):
1. All subscriptions sales come with a 30-day, no questions asked, refund policy. Subscriptions not cancelled during the first 30 days will be subject to a recurring payment due each monthly or annual billing period. Cancellations made after the first 30-days, will stop future payments at the next billing cycle date and service will continue until that date, whether monthly or annual.
2. Tiers 2 and above are highly dependent on your obtaining and providing an accurate screen count. Please count each and every screen which you intend to display our copy protected content.
3. We reserve the right to have a third party audit your Screen count. Should the audit reveal a significant undercount by you, you agree to be responsible for the adjusted amount as well as the cost of such an audit.
4. Your wireless data infrastructure must have adequate bandwidth to stream 1080p HD video (≈ 6 Mbps).
5. Prices are subject to change in subsequent years, especially to address Screen count variances as well as rises in productions costs.