Answers and Solutions


A First Capricorn Entertainment Documentary Film Series

When something goes or is going wrong, too often we are inundated with opinions and speculation from people that appear to be smart. Almost always, they are shown to us on the various news type programming with the title “expert” by their name. Even though the term expert is synonymous with mastery, the two terms have really different meanings. In simple terms, an expert has knowledge through learning, whereas a master has knowledge and great skill through learning and practice or competition against other skilled individuals.

This film series intends to go beyond what the experts have to say, starting out by making sure the right questions are asked initially. For example, when the levees fail, the experts begin to speculate on why did the levees fail and what could we have done to prevent the flooding. In this instance, we think the right questions are, “When will it rain again and what are we going to do to prevent a similar disaster before it does?”

True mastery of many of our issues is an impossibility, however we hope to at least ask the right questions and explore what answers are possible with current and near term technological resources. We do know the answer is seldom obvious. For example, when first attempting to manufacture a jet plane to safely fly at speeds faster than the speed of sound (768-mph), success came by way of changes in the wings and fuselage of the aircraft, not the engine.

We hope this series will be both enlightening as well as entertaining.

Episode 1: Crime Prevention. The USA, led by the FBI, is undoubtedly the world leader in crime related forensics. For the most part, this is due to two very important factors – money and science. What would be the result if an equal or greater amount of financial and scientific resources were put into crime prevention? This episode will explore this very question in detail.

Episode 2: