Music Videos

Hot Pants in the Summertime by The Dramatics (c. 1971)

Uploaded to Vimeo on September 27, 2016
16:9 Widescreen HD Format (2K)Redo

Jammin’ by Bob Marley (c. 1978)

Uploaded to Vimeo on September 19, 2016
2.35:1 Cinemascope/Anamorphic HD Format (2K)

Holy Spirit by The New Jersey Mass Choir (c. 2003)

Uploaded to YouTube on August 10, 2007 (Over 50k Views)
Standard Definition



These portfolio videos are produced in conjunction with DG ◆ Digital Glamour for performers such as Models, Dancers and Actors.

Political Satire

A while back, we developed a couple of Satirical Cartoons featuring President Obama.

Inside Obama’s Alter Ego Webisode #1: Glenn Beck
Specific key words: glenn beck, racist and jackass.

Inside Obama’s Alter Ego Webisode #2: Joe Wilson
Specific key words: you lie, Joe Wilson, your momma and joint session.


Written and Directed by Darryl Glover
Animated characters created by Knight Animations, DK Toons and others.


2 Sistah’s Pilot

This scene is an edit from a rehearsal for a pilot show, which was pitched to the networks. Unfortunately no one showed significant interest.


Documents of Truth with Vince Sanders


Car Talk Short Story